Man, who are you? Where are you coming from? Where are you going to? These perennial questions are likely today to disappear behind the scenes.

In face of
the questioning about the truth concerning man, indifference wants to be wisdom. And a lot of repressions play on alibi. Aren't the certainties of the cave of our confinement made to keep us free from
anxiety which inevitably generates the infinite question about our condition?

In other times the cave undoubtedly was less congested and exit could be easier. Today its clutter is such that any exit seems to be blocked. A huge inflation of the '
same' whose mass occults the 'other' one. A large swelling, indeed, of material and intellectual productions! Machined products. Innumerable gadgets. Plethora of literary or cinematographic works. Mass of information. Proliferation of opinions and ideologies. An exponential production which is enough, alas, to distract exponentially.

In our cave, the
virtual reality takes more and more the place of the real one. Consequence of the big idealistic drift of our modernity, when 'real' means nothing more than 'real-for-me', within the limits of my approach, of my sensitivity or of my comprehension. Then becomes great the risk to despair of a 'real-real'. And what about something like a possible truth in itself? But if man is finally nothing more than the reflection of himself, what about the questioning on such a ghostly being?

In this reign of cavernous
cacophony the prisoners cannot know any more which way to turn. This universe of absolute relativity requires urgently a reference frame.

Thus o
ur approach will be thinking 'against'. Dialectically. Against the confinement of the cave. Against the gurus of the dominating Speech. Against the Masters-thinkers of absurdity. Against the modes. Against the bigotries of left or right. Against the 'correct' in all its forms… That is our approach will be provocative. In the provocative breath of the Spirit.