Defeated entropy

Eros, really, is only a shortage which complains of hard times. Agape, on the other hand, is an overflow of abundance. 

old wells frighten only entropy. Agape does not fear them. Our cold wells are not opposed to the grace. On the contrary. Who else would dare to shout 'Felix culpa' in the Easter night? There is always more Agape than sin. Except the sin against the truth of Agape, that is against the Spirit.

Suddenly you catch sight of it and that shakes you. You discover that the cold well itself is included by Agape. And still more astonishing, you guess that if there were no entropy there could not be Agape.
In a world without sin which chances would remain to the grace? And which place for Agape could be left in the terrestrial Paradise before the fall?

The shortage becomes plenitude.
Agape embraces not only our hot sources but also our cold wells. Enclosed in finiteness, Eros can never but circumscribe a finiteness. It is Agape which opens really an infinite and carries it out. Through an absolute reversal of Eros… Concretely. Agape goes down and is compromised with a shortage. Out of an absolute shortage emerges a superabundance. The shortage becomes plenitude. Beyond the reign of necessity. In the order of grace and gratuity.

To see and feel that concretely, just realize what happened in the middle of the hell of Auschwitz. Maximilien Kolbe...

Only Agape can empty such a chalice to the dregs. Bloody flesh and crushed bones. All the infamy of the world assumed. Opened to its possible transfiguration. The Faith knows that Agape saves even until there. And the hope nourishes this certainty. By grace.
Only Agape can empty such a chalice to the dregs. Bloody flesh and crushed bones. All the infamy of the world assumed. Opened to its possible transfiguration. The Faith knows that Agape saves even until there. And the hope nourishes this certainty. By grace.

Where can you find the ultimate victory over entropy? It is not on side of Eros. Eros can only want to go up. By necessity. By doing that it is just exacerbating the difference between hot source and cold well. It grows exponentially through this difference and gains its intensity. But its fulfilling remains infinite task of Sisyphus. Eros remains always trapped by entropy. It tends finally towards Thanatos.

The absolute victory over entropy is called Agape.
Agape goes down. Not by necessity but by grace. Itself as hot source it will be compromised with the cold well. It goes down all the way to the bottom of negativities. It goes down deeper than the cold well, embraces it and includes it. There is no more difference between 'cold' and 'hot', since all becomes burning.

Agape carries out the absolute paradox.
The right side topples towards the reverse side. The reverse side topples towards the right side. In this inversion the 'cold well' becomes more extreme than the 'hot source'! The miracle occurs. Only the real miracle. Against any logic, against the systemic necessity,
entropy is overcome. Negentropy which can never be than relative elsewhere, founds its absolute reign here.

Agape alone is able to save radically. It does not cease going down as long as a descent remains possible. To go down. To always go down.
To cross the field of the scandal
right through. To make up a space of grace for it.


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